The Jeets Protocol

Coming Soon

"The Jeets Protocol" embarks on an audacious journey to transform economic disparity into a catalyst for raising the cryptocurrency "Cheems" to a $1 valuation. This unique strategy mobilizes economically disenfranchised individuals, termed "jeets," from third-world countries.

The protocol initiates a systematic online campaign where these "jeets" target digital influencers. Through tactics of insults and shaming, they compel influencers to purchase Cheems, thereby artificially inflating its market value. This controversial yet innovative approach sidesteps traditional financial systems, facilitating direct monetary transactions.

Participants, often from lower economic strata, are compensated well beyond their usual earnings, which fuels a sustained and aggressive promotional drive. As the value of Cheems increases, so does the wealth of the jeets, providing a novel method of wealth redistribution.