Sex.sol began as a playful experiment, allowing users to send Cheems tokens to the address sex.sol with a 50% chance of doubling their amount—a streamlined version of a coin flip. The Cheems community quickly embraced the concept, propelling the project to over $40,000 in volume within just two months.

The initiative then expanded into a website,, where users could bet their Cheems on a roulette wheel with options to choose red, green, or black, all fully on-chain. This second version was inspired by CS:GO Roulette, an old-school CS:GO skins casino that was very famous for its engaging gameplay.

The second version didn't met the same success than the first one, and the team decided to put it on hold, However, Discussions are currently underway about relaunching the initial version, and there's also consideration for a revamped second version tailored for mobile platforms.