About Cheems

Cheems is one of the very first meme coin of the Solana network.

His journey begins in April with a funny video on twitter that made 100k views.

The token was airdroped to our lovely community and is now fully in their hands after a big burn.

Since then We have gathered a community of over 10k people on twitter and discord, and we are waiting for you !

About NFTs

You will soon be able to mint one of the 10,000 available cheems collectible card.

A part of the profits will be used to create a liquidity pool on raydium to ensure more stability of our currency.

We also took a snapshot of all the cheems millionaire on Thursday, September 9, 2021 10 AM UTC and those people should receive after the minting period a special NFTs that will attests of their early support and will gain some rewards along the way

Profit from secondary sale will also serve as a buy and burn feature of our currency.

Next part of the roadmap will be decided by the cheems holder with a special dao.

7,000,000,000 - Original supply

Our Ecosystem


4,200,000,000 - 60 % of the supply were burned.

Cheems tokens

682,146,214 - 10 % for liquidity, giveaway and more


2,100,000,000 - 30 % of the supply was airdropped in may 2021.

How to Buy $CHEEMS ?

1) Mint the token

Use a Solana wallet like Sollet or Phantom to mint the token.

Token mint address : 3FoUAsGDbvTD6YZ4wVKJgTB76onJUKz7GPEBNiR5b8wc

Token Name & Symbol : Cheems

2) Buy $CHEEMS

Head to Solapeswap. Connect your wallet and check that you have correctly selected CHEEMS/USDC at the top left.

You can now buy Cheems.



Our community is amazing. Join the gang.

We thank you for your support !