Founder is a degenerate

It all started with this tweet:

March 30, 2023

As K3RMIT pointed out below, "Bonk" is a meme derived from Cheems getting hit with a baseball bat, and it surfaced a year and a half after Cheems, casting a shadow over us. Tired of unfunny VC-backed coins, he's decided to short Bonk to zero to make a statement.

He decided to make a video to extend his message:

March 30, 2023

Organic community > VC pumped coin.

The trade initially went well, and garnered a lot of attention:

K3RMIT's trade garnered attention Further insights into the trade Details about the market response

But unfortunately, his stop loss was too tight, and we faced another small pump before the big dump that followed, bad timing :( kek #LifeIsHard

April 2, 2023